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Table Extraction Configurator

This article describes and Table Extraction Configurator, first available with Ephesoft Transact, and offers the following benefits:

  • Allows users to spend less time building or troubleshooting table extraction.
  • Table extraction also accounts for OCR confidence level at the time of validation.
  • The complete table extraction rule can be configured with image view in one screen.
  • The Regex suggestion utility is now included while configuring table extraction.
  • Regex is suggested for Column pattern, Column Header Pattern, Between Left Pattern, Between Right Pattern, Start Coordinate, and End Coordinate so that the user does not need to type them over.
  • The user can test the configuration on the image file from the configuration page itself with result overlays for assistance.
  • The feature supports uploading multi-page images and configuring rules accordingly.

The remainder of this article is available in PDF format, and can be viewed in the web browser or downloaded.



een-230-table-extraction-algorithm [pdf]

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